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Fair Queen Contest


About The Fair Queen Contest

The Fair Queen Contest is a long standing tradition at the Washington County Fair. Although the criteria for the queen contest has evolved over the years, these hard working young ladies are tasked with promoting the Washington County Fair and also perform the duty of selling advanced season tickets. Fair Queen Candidates are selected by local schools and organizations within Washington County. These Candidates compete for the prestigious title of Washington County Fair Queen as well as a scholarship given by the Washington County Fair Association.

The Washington County Fair Queen Candidates compete in several categories, earning points by advance season ticket sales, written essay and through an interview process. The culmination of this contest is the crowing of the Washington County Fair Queen during the Fair Queen Ceremony held at the Washington County Fair.

Points are Awarded As Follows:
Total Ticket Sales = 60 Points
Written Essay = 20 Points
Oral Interview = 20 Points

For a Maximum Total of 100 Points

Kennedy Altman - 2017 Washington County Fair Queen

Congratulations to Kennedy Altman, the 2017 Washington County Fair Queen! She represented the Washington County 4-H and is the daughter of Lance and Shannon Altman. She sold a total of 3,224 season passes raising a total of $80,610.

The First Runner up was Molly Voskamp, she also represented the Washington County 4H. She sold a total of 2,967 tickets.

Ashley Mixon received the Judges Choice Award.


2017 Fair Queen Candidates

Congratulations to the 2017 Washington County Fair Queen candidates. Advance Season Tickets can be purchase from one of the young ladies. Pictured from left to right, Calley McGinley representing Burton FFA, Kennedy Altman representing Washington County 4H, Molly Voskamp representing Washington County 4H, and Ashley Mixon representing Brenham FFA.

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Responsibilities of the Fair Queen and Candidates

  • The winning candidate will serve as the official ambassador of the Washington County Fair and must attend all functions that are required as designated by the Fair Queen Committee.
  • The Fair Queen and candidates will serve as hostesses at the Junior Livestock Auction. The Queen and the candidates have their photographs taken with buyers and sellers during the Junior Livestock Auction.
  • The Washington County Fair Queen will also be required to be present to crown the WCFA Fair Queen at next year’s fair queen ceremony.
  • During the year of the Fair Queens reign, the Fair Queen must conduct herself in a professional manner.
  • If for any reason should the Fair Queen not be able to fulfill her duties in accordance to these rules and regulations, the 1st Runner Up shall be named Fair Queen and duly authorized to perform in this capacity.
For the official rules, requirements and duties of the Washington County Fair Queen and candidates, please contact the fair office.

Past Queens - Submit Your Photo!

If you were a past Washington County Fair Queen, we would like to recieve a photo of you and include it on this page. Please submit your photos to the Fair Office by email to
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